October 30, 2019 · E-Business

How to build something useful

Since I started to learn programming, I have built a lot of different softwares, products, websites, apps, tutorials, libraries in last decade. It is not an easy job indeed, required passions, piece of hard-work, understanding mind, marketing mindset, and it really took me tons of time.

But, after all of those work, did I get any tangible income at all? Not really.

Although I really have learn a lot of things from UI design to the end-point sales, the tangible income is not growing as fast as I have expected.

One day, just an ordinary way, I have another idea wanted to implement, just try to build a software name to tickle down a specific problem for reasonable pricing in number days / months.

And, I have realised that in order to build a profitable business, what you have to do, is to pay it forward.

Have a mindset to serve. Not to take.

Don't try to push your content to your customers.

Put your effort in your product, make it great, make it really solve the customer problems, they will pay it forward.

Marxism is totally wrong when you trying to build a blue ocean product, yes he is correct, old-school capitalism is a way to take excessive money from the workers, which from time to time it will create conflicts between different social status, the circle of regime change begins.

But, if you build something entirely new, that generates more effective profit and the workers has a more chance to get upper level from that, the social status will become more liquid. The conflicts of squeezing low level labours will somehow stopped since the labours will change their jobs to a more profitable one (while selling the same amount of time).

And the end result is keeps making the world move forward, people keeps climbing upside instead of staying in the same position from time to time.

which this is why one of the reason makes America is great.


If you want to make something successful,
don't squeeze either yourself, your labours and your business.

Build something new and serve people, let it pay forwards.

It takes time to build Rome.